About our lathe cut vinyl

We offer lathe cut vinyl in stereo at 33 1/3 rpm and 45 rpm.
Each record is hand cut and one of kind.
There are no two pieces a like.
This is a different process than store bought vinyl from a pressing plant.
It’s a completely different process. There are some limitations to the format but is closely comparible in quality and durability to pressed vinyl.
We offer 7″ and 12″ in Black, and clear.

We provide a service to small labels and musicians looking for a special edition release or small runs that can be cut with out the expense of ordering 300-500 records. We can cut 1 to 50 records in 7″, and 12″ format at either 33 1/3 RPM or 45 RPM. The service is also good for special releases for Kick Starter campaigns or a special gift of a favorite song to someone who appreciates the format of vinyl. Bands can even sell vinyl records to their fans on demand so records can be made only when a fan orders a record.

What sets Vinyl-revival apart from other lathe cut companies is the quality. We are using the same equipment used to record and mix billboard charting records in the studio, not home consumer gear or DJ equipment. The audio signal path and clocking of the system is all professional studio equipment.


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